Evgeny Godov

Tech Entrepreneur and Information Architect
Founded Objects, Khvosch Labs, MyWidget +2
Managed Israeli Startups @ Prytek
Created Products @ VK, Yandex, Quintura
About me
I have always been interested in how people interact with information: create, share, find, monetize it. My core interests are in the field of Information Architecture, Service Design, and Digital Tools. I'm keen on Genealogy and Contemporary art.

↗ Tomorrow in the World: Smart Speakers Radio Talk Show, 2018
↗ From Big Data to Voice Assistants Video, 2017
↗ 5 books from an expert: Evgeny Godov, myWidget Seonews, 2017
↗ Evolution of Search Interfaces Video, 2011
↗ Tactility is cool Interview, 2009
Objects is an online tool to create product guides and step-by-step instructions in minutes.

Founded in 2019.
Voice Controlled Games Studio

Founded in 2018.


AI-based content recommendation platform for media. 1500+ customers. 1bn+ recommendations daily.

Founded in 2016.

† Urban Constructor

All-in-one digital service to develop hyperlocal community in small cities.

Founded in 2014.
Independent pdf-magazine about Contemporary art and Creative professionals.

Published 10 issues from 2007 to 2015.